Can Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI) Initiatives Serve as Sustainable Healthcare Financing Mechanism in Resource-Poor Settings?

Community-based health insurance (CBHI) is an emerging concept that provides financial resources for health care and improves access to quality health services. It was introduced in West Africa in 1990 for the financial protection of the poor and rural countries. The development agencies are increasingly considering CBHI as a tool that enables easy access to

Health System Financing Social Health Insurance vs Tax-Financed Health Systems

Not Only Is A Healthy Society Possible; It Is Inevitable All people are entitled to quality essential health services, without suffering financial hardship to pay for health expenses. This simple but powerful belief undergirds the growing movement towards universal health coverage (UHC), now a global commitment under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 Sustainable

Integrated Healthcare

‘Integrated care’ is primarily coined as a term to improve patient experience and achieve better effectiveness in a comprehensive health network. The idea is to nullify the fragmentation in services provided to patients, and facilitate better organised and more uninterrupted care, particularly for advancing age population having a high prevalence of chronic diseases.2 Conceptual Framework