Volume 9 Issue 01 2023


Understanding the Monkeypox Virus: A Threat Worth Monitoring

Aslam M. Understanding the monkeypox virus: a threat worth monitoring. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):1-2.


Evaluation of Coronary Arteries Diameter using an Intravascular Ultrasound during Coronary Angiography in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Rawalpindi

Kashif M, Nazir A, Javed A, Mohsin M, Satti KN, Abbasi W, et al. Evaluation of coronary arteries diameter using an intravascular ultrasound during coronary angiography in a tertiary care hospital of Rawalpindi. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):3-7.

Categorization of Histopathologic Subtypes of Lung Carcinomas using Immunohistochemistry in Small Biopsies at A Tertiary Care Diagnostic Center in Lahore

Yasin B, Wahid Z, Haider A, Tabbsum M, ud-Din N. Categorization of histopathologic subtypes of lung carcinomas using immunohistochemistry in small biopsies at a tertiary care diagnostic center in Lahore. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):8-12.

Frequency of Suicidal Intent in Patients with Epilepsy

Mushtaq T, Khan AM, Mahmood HZ, Asghar R, Khan MNS, Sarwar MAA, et al. Frequency of suicidal intent in patients with epilepsy. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):13-16.

Fasting Lipid Profile in Pregnant Patients as a Predictor of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Anees Fatima, Nishat Akram. Fasting lipid profile in pregnant patients as a predictor of gestational diabetes mellitus. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):17-22.

Antibiotics Impregnated Cement Coated Ilizarov Rod for Infected Non-Union of Femur

Shahid MZI, Inaam-Ullah S, Shair NA, Mehmood T, Iqbal M, Farhan M. Antibiotics impregnated cement coated ilizarov rod for infected non-union of femur. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):23-28.

Association of Severity of Coronary Artery Disease and HbA1c Levels in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

Farooq MU, Haider I, Mohsin M, Satti KN, Ahmed S, Ehtizaz M. Association of severity of coronary artery disease and HbA1c levels in patients with acute coronary syndrome. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):29-34.

Efficacy and Patient Satisfaction Regarding Manual Vacuum Aspiration - A Safe Management Choice for First-Trimester Miscarriage

Yusuf L, Usman N. Efficacy and patient satisfaction regarding manual vacuum aspiration - a safe management choice for first-trimester miscarriage. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):35-39.

Family Resilience in Pakistani Families having Children with Autism

Aslam N, Rohail I. Family resilience in Pakistani families having children with autism. JSMDC. 2023; 9(01):40-43.