Volume 2 Issue 01 2016


Ovarian Carcinoma: A Deadly Disease

Hafeez M. Ovarian carcinoma: a Deadly Disease. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):1-2.


Lipid Abnormalities in Hospitalised Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease not on Hemodialysis

Shafi ST, Saleem M, Anjum R, Abdullah W, Shafi T. Lipid abnormalities in hospitalised patients with chronic kidney disease not on hemodialysis. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):3-6.

Effect of Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose as Compared to the Technique of Hydro-implantation of Intraocular Lens during Phacoemulsification on Post Operative Intraocular Pressure

Jahangir S, Jahangir S. Effect of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose as compared to the technique of hydro-implantation of an intraocular lens during phacoemulsification on postoperative intraocular pressure. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):7-9.

Effect of BMI on soluble Intercellular adhesion molecules in Type 2 Diabetics with Microvascular Complications

Dar R, Haq S, Aslam M. Effect of BMI on soluble intercellular adhesion molecules in type 2 diabetics with microvascular complications. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):10-2.

Cosmetic Outcome of Nasal Tip Augmentation with Alar Cartilage Graft in Primary Rhinoplasty

Pirzada AH, Khan NA, Faisal MS, Muhammad SD. Cosmetic outcome of nasal tip augmentation with alar cartilage graft in primary rhinoplasty. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):13- 6.

Role of Health Literacy through Schools in Achievement of Health Education and Public Health Promotion in Pakistan

Sulehri  MA, Anwar R, Sulehri  MA. Role of health literacy through schools in the achievement of health education and public health promotion in Pakistan. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):17-21.

Frequency of Hypertension among Doctors and Paramedics Working in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Lahore

Hussain T, Khalid S, Mahmud T, Iqbal A, Asif QA, Afzal L, et al. Frequency of hypertension among doctors and paramedics working in a tertiary care hospital, Lahore. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):22–6.

Violence during Pregnancy: Determinants and Association with Small Size of Baby at Birth

Sulehri MA, Melrose Y, Sulehri MA, Anwar R. Violence during pregnancy: determinants and association with the small size of the baby at birth. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):27-31.

In Vivo Comparison of Conventional and Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement for Banding of Teeth

Batool I, Yasmin R, Abbas H. In vivo comparison of conventional and resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement for banding of teeth. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):32-5.


Ascites Reinfusion Dialysis in Patients with Idiopathic Dialysis Ascites

Anjum R, Abdullah W, Shafi ST, Shafi T. Ascites reinfusion dialysis in patients with idiopathic dialysis ascites. JSMDC. 2016; 2(01):36-8.

 Volume 2 Issue 02 2016


Aspiration of Foreign Bodies in Children

Ahmad Z. Aspiration of foreign bodies in children. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02): 43-5.


Dermatological Manifestations in Patients on Hemodialysis: Experience at Sharif Medical City Hospital

Anjum R, Saleem M, Ihsan U, Shafi ST, Shafi T. Dermatological manifestations in patients on hemodialysis: Experience at Sharif Medical City Hospital. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02):46-9.

Frequency of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnant Females attending Antenatal Care Clinic at Sharif Medical City Hospital

Khalid S, Afzal L, Iqbal A, Qurat-ul-Ain, Ishtiaq U, Siddique S, et al. Frequency of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnant females attending antenatal care clinic at Sharif Medical City Hospital. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02):50-6.

Comparison of Capsular and Uveal Compatibility between Acrylic Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Intraocular Lens for Cataract Surgery

Tayyab H, Jahangir T, Jahangir S. Comparison of capsular and uveal compatibility between acrylic hydrophobic and hydrophilic intraocular lens for cataract surgery. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02):57-60.

Acetaminophen Induced Hepatotoxicity and Effects of Pomegranate Peel Extract on Livers of Adult Male Albino Rat

Ahmad N, Ghafoor A, Jamil MS. acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity and effects of pomegranate peel extract on livers of the adult male albino rat. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02):61-5.

Comparison between 0.2% Brimonidine Tartrate and 0.03% Bimatoprost in Controlling Increase in Intraocular Pressure after Neodymium: Yttrium-Aluminium-Garnet Laser Posterior Capsulotomy

Jahangir S, Jawed AAM, Khan SS. Comparison between 0.2% brimonidine tartrate and 0.03% bimatoprost in controlling an increase in intraocular pressure after neodymium: Yttrium-aluminium -garnet laser posterior capsulotomy. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02):66-8.

Incidence of Pulmonary Complications in Post Cardiac Surgery: A Study of 100 Cases with Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Afridi AS, Rauf S, Ahmad HN, Rasheed SK, Matti-u-Rehman. Incidence of pulmonary complications in post cardiac surgery: A study of 100 cases with cardiopulmonary bypass. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02):69-72.

Short Term Outcome of Facial Reconstruction of Burn Patients with Tissue Expanders

Pirzada AH, Khan NA, Faisal MS, Muhammad SD. Short term outcome of facial reconstruction of burn patients with tissue expanders. JSMDC. 2016; 2 (02):73-6.

Frequency of Emotional Distress among Patients of Hypospadias Repair in Adolescence or Adulthood

Khan NA, Saeed ur Rahman. Frequency of emotional distress among patients of hypospadias repair in adolescence or adulthood. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02):77-82.


Giant Cell Tumor of Tendon Sheath

Khan FA, Hijazi S, Tariq Z, Bajwa A. Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath. JSMDC. 2016; 2(02):83-4.