Acceptance of Manuscript:

  • The JSMDC accepts manuscripts prepared in accordance with the guidelines given by ICMJE, published in every issue of the journal and available on website.

Initial Assessment:

  • Once the manuscript is received authors’ certification proforma are dispatched to the authors. The authors’ certification proforma should be duly filled-in and signed by all authors and returned to the JSMDC office. All manuscripts received are initially assessed by the members of the editorial board for the worth of its publication. It is also assessed to see that it is written in accordance with the JSMDC format and technically correct. All the submitted manuscripts will be checked for potential plagiarism by “TURNITIN” software. The manuscript is also assessed for statistical analysis by the Journal’s statistician. Deficiencies found by editor and statistician are communicated to the author for correction.

Peer Review Process:

  • Once the corrected article is received from the author, the manuscript is sent to two independent peer reviewers of the speciality. A sufficient time of 2 weeks is given to the reviewers to return their comments on a proforma. Comments from two reviewers are mandatory for review of a manuscript. Once the reviewed manuscript is received from both the reviewers, their comments/suggestions are communicated to the author for correction. The revised version received from the author is re-assessed by the editor. All the references are corrected by bibliographer. Editing, proofreading and grammar check are done by the editorial board.
  • Final Aprocessing:

    Once all articles are corrected, pages are numbered, datelines, short titles and authors’ names are inserted on each page and finally, the content page is made. The final proofs are given to corresponding authors for verification/approval of correctness of manuscript. Editorial Board checks final proofs at the dummy stage before sending them for printing.


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