Plagiarism Policy

  • Publications are the end-products of the scientific work and their quality reflects the research work. A published paper becomes a source for references, post-publication review and critique. To contribute to the bulk of knowledge, the paper should be credible.
  • JSMDC follows the PMDC and HEC criteria for all types of plagiarism. The criteria can be accessed at and
  • All the submitted manuscripts will be checked for potential plagiarism by ‘’TURNITIN "software. Articles with similarity index more than 19% will not be published.
  • If the submitted article is found to have been totally or substantially plagiarized then the article is rejected outright with information to the author.
  • Plagiarism certificate is sent to the corresponding author and the article is reconsidered after amendments.
  • For published articles, the allegedly plagiarized article will be temporarily retracted from the issue and a notice to the effect will be published in the JSMDC.



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