Abstract: It should be structured and include the following subheadings: Objectives, Methodology, Results, Conclusion and Keywords. It should contain up to 250 words. Three to five keywords should be given for an original article as per MeSH (Medical Subject Headings).

Introduction: It should clearly describe the topic with a brief literature review.  All abbreviations used should be first preceded by the word for which it stands. At the end of the introduction mention the rationale or scientific significance of the study.

Methodology: Study design, place of the study conducted, the sampling technique, ethical consideration and method & equipment used for research work should be mentioned.

Statistical Analysis: Mention the software used for data analysis and the statistical tests applied.

Results: Text, table and figures should be used for illustration of results. Figures should be numbered in order of appearance in the text. Legends for the figures should be typed DOUBLE-SPACED and should include a description of features shown. Tables should be typed double-spaced, with nothing underlined. Please triple-check all numbers and percentages. Previously published material and figures should include permission to reproduce from the original publication and original author. Photographs with faces should be accompanied by permission to publish from the subject of the photograph or by a parent in case of a minor. Coloured photographs should be submitted in JPEG format. Journal reserves the right to charge authors for reproduction of coloured pictures. The journal only accepts manuscripts in English.

Discussion: The results of the study should be interpreted with reference to other studies


Limitations of the study (if any)

Recommendations of the study (if any)

References: References must be numbered consecutively, according to their appearance in the text. References should be cited in the “Vancouver style” with 15-25 references of the last 5 years.

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