Instructions to Authors 

The JSMDC, the Journal of Sharif Medical & Dental College agrees to accept manuscripts prepared in accordance with the ‘Uniform Requirements for a manuscript submitted to the Biomedical Journals’ as approved by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines, published in the British Medical Journal 1991 302:334-41.

Scope: JSMDC publishes original articles concerning research in Basic/Clinical Sciences and Allied Health Sciences.

Ethical / Legal considerations: A submitted manuscript must be an original contribution not previously published (except as an abstract or preliminary report), must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere, and if accepted, it must not be published elsewhere in similar form. Each person listed as an author is expected to have participated in the study to a significant extent. Although the editors and referees make every effort to ensure the validity of published manuscripts, the final responsibility rests with the authors, not with the Journal, its editors, or the publisher. All manuscripts must be submitted by email to the address

Financial disclosure: Each author warrants that he or she has no commercial associations (e.g., consultancies, stock ownership, equity interest, patent/licensing arrangements, etc.) that might pose a conflict of interest in connection with the submitted article, except as disclosed on a separate attachment. All funding sources supporting the work and all institutional or corporate affiliations of the authors are acknowledged in a footnote in the work.

Patient anonymity and informed consent: It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that a patient’s anonymity be carefully protected and to verify that any experimental investigation with human subjects reported in the manuscript was performed with informed consent and following all the guidelines for experimental investigation with human subjects required by the institution(s) with which all the authors are affiliated.

Copyright: All authors must sign a copy of JSMDC’s authors certification proforma including information regarding responsibilities of authors and Copyright Transfer and submit it with the article.

Permissions: Authors must submit written permission from the copyright owner (usually the publisher) to use direct quotations, tables, or illustrations that have appeared in copyrighted form elsewhere, along with complete details about the source.

Original articles: Should normally report original research of relevance to clinical medicine. It should contain a structured abstract of about 250 words. Three to five keywords should be given for an original article as per MeSH (Medical Subject Headings). There should be three to five tables or illustrations. The data should be supported with 15 to 25 references. Most of the references should be from last five years from the date of submission.

Clinical case reports: Must be of academic and educational value and provide relevance of the disease being reported as unusual. It should have a non-structured abstract of about 100-150 words (case specific) with around 5-6 references and 3 keywords.

Letters to the editor: It is usually a type of short communication that can be written on any topic that attracts the attention of the reader. There are different types of Letters to the Editor (LTE). If the purpose of the LTE is to comment on a published article, the first sentence of the LTE should include the name of the published article’s first author along with the title of the published article and then the comments. If the LTE is a reply to a previously submitted LTE, the first sentence should include the name of the letter’s author and cite the letter as a reference. The previously published article should then be referenced as well either in the body of the text or at the end of the response to the LTE.

Photo essays: The journal accepts manuscripts for consideration as photo essays. These essays include the visual presentation of material where the primary emphasis is on the images. These images can include coloured images, angiograms, optical coherence tomography, histologic sections, X-rays, ultrasounds, and other studies. The images can be an outstanding presentation of classic findings, atypical findings or new findings. The images need to be of the highest quality. The accompanying manuscript should be limited to a total of 300 words. A maximum of 5 separate images and 5 references can be included. All figures submitted in colour are published in colour, at the expense of the author. Please refer to the rest of the author instructions for other requirements for manuscripts submitted to JSMDC.

Review article: Should consist of critical overview/analysis of some relatively narrow topic providing background and the recent development with the reference of original literature. It should incorporate the author’s original work on the same subject. The length of the review article should be from 2500 to 3000 words with a minimum of 30 references. It should have a non-structured abstract of 150 words with a minimum of 3 keywords. An author can write a review article only if he/she has written a minimum of three original research articles.

Other sections: The journal also accepts manuscripts for other sections such as diagnostic & therapeutic challenges, clinicopathologic correlations, surgical techniques, and new instruments. All manuscripts must be double-spaced, include a Title Page and have no more than 5 pages of manuscript text in length, 4 figures and 5 references. The format for all submitted manuscripts is basically as described above with a few exceptions. Diagnostic & therapeutic challenges require no abstract and have no limit for figures and references. Surgical techniques and clinicopathologic correlations are treated like a full manuscript and require an abstract. All correspondence and new instruments should have a standard title page with full-length title, running title, and author information. Keywords and summary statement should be on the second page. An abstract is not required by the journal for correspondence and new instruments. A summary statement of 50 words is necessary for publication and indexing and must be included at the time of submission. All pages must be numbered starting with the title page being page one. Each figure must be submitted separately. All coloured figures will be published in this section at the authors’ expense.

Authorship criteria: As stated in the uniform requirements, credit for authorship requires substantial contributions to (a) the conception and design or analysis and interpretation of the data, (b) the drafting of the article or critical revision for important intellectual content, critical appraisal of findings with literature search and actual write up of manuscript, (c) final approval of the version to be published. Each author must sign a statement attesting that he or she fulfils the authorship criteria of the uniform requirements. Up to six authors are allowed in a single institution study. In a multi-institution and international collaborative research, Editorial Board shall guide on an individual case basis. JSMDC strongly discourages gift authorship. More supervision, collections of data, statistical analysis and language correction does not grant authorship rights. Ideally, all authors should belong to the same department of an institute, except for multi-centre and multi-speciality studies. The Journal discourages submission of more than one article dealing with related aspects of the same study. The journal also discourages the submission of case reports unless unreported from Pakistan. Unusual but already reported cases should, therefore, be submitted as letters to the editor.

*The author’s certification proforma (available on website) should be filled and submitted along with the manuscript.




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